EcoXpo – Sydney, NSW 2012 – Sustainable Eco Living Made Easy

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Welcome to EcoXpo Sustainable Eco Living Made Easy

– Thousands of amazing sustainable products and services all under one roof!

– See numerous eco living live presentations by eco-icons and celebrities, engage exhibitors and visitors alike

EcoXpo is THE all-inclusive forum of sustainable companies and their customers interested in eco living. EcoXpo creates success and flourishing for our eco friendly companies and customers living green.

EcoXpo is a gathering of hearts, minds and soul, embodied by a group of like-minded companies who display and sell their sustainable wares to discerning eco-conscious consumers.

Each company represented at the EcoXpo is a proud owner or user of an organic, natural and/or sustainable brand. Maximum exposure of these green brands is necessary for success, and EcoXpo is the ideal platform for these brands sharing a common sustainable value to showcase the best in each industry.

EcoXpo is a unique experience, a fun and learning event, suitable for the whole family. Exhibitors participating adhere to certified organic, sustainable and good environmental practice and must act in accordance for entrance, to ensure they are genuine participators.

Are you interested in eco living? If you would like to live in a sustainable house and discover the latest eco friendly products and services, then EcoXpo is for you!

Eco-conscious Consumers
Business Owners
Hospital/ Medical Buyers
Interior Designers
Procurement Agents
Government Agencies
CSR Managers
Contractors and more
Sustainability managers
Retail/ Wholesale Buyers
Schools/ Universities
Property Managers
Manufacturers Representatives/ Agent
Commercial Builders

Who’s at the Expo?

Eco Building Material:
Australia Wide Solar
Eco Services:
Australian Volunteer International
Eastside Radio
Eco Directory
Gift of the Bag
Mawa Trust
University of New England

Bonjour Baby
Earth Garden
Food Source!
Garden of Light
Genzon Water
Industrial Hemp Association
Hemp Star
Mitchell Builders
Next to Nothing
Treading Gently
Yes 2 Green

Bicycle NSW
Glow Worm

Health & Beauty:
Conscious Living
Hepburn Springs Naturals
Life Force
Sliquid Organics

Food & Wines:
Pod Cuisine
Rosnay Organics
Vegan Society NSW

Environmental Protection:
The Wilderness Society
Thin Green Line Foundation

VIDEO BY http://www.AVDFY.com & http://www.SmartMo.mobi for EcoXpo


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